Choosing between cabinet lines can be challenging; knowing a little bit about the different cabinetry construction will help you chose the cabinetry that will work within your budget as well as fulfill your design needs.

Builder or Stock Cabinetry

Most affordable line of cabinetry. Standard construction consists of furniture board cabinet boxes with laminated finish side, four sided staple and glued drawer boxes and concealed hinges. Few companies offer upgrades to this type of construction and modification and accessories are limited.

Semi-Custom Cabinetry

This is referred to the Mid-Price point of cabinetry. Construction  among manufacturers vary at this level maintaining an overall better quality built cabinet. Dovetail drawer construction with full access or extension and adjustable concealed hinges is usually the standard. Larger selection of doors, wood species, stains, paints and finishing techniques makes this cabinetry selection well versatile. These are built to your order and specifications of your design with modifications and accessories options to customize your necessities.

Custom Cabinetry

The highest quality of cabinetry. Usually constructed with all plywood in cabinet boxes, wood dovetail drawers with full extension soft close drawer guides and adjustable soft close concealed hinges. These are built to customer specifications in any wood specie, dimension needed or finish desired. These are customized for you specifically.

Cabinetry Lines